ADS Tech DVD XPRESS DX2 (USBAV-709-EF) driver download grátis (ver. 3.­0.­0)

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ADS Tech DVD XPRESS DX2 (USBAV-709-EF) (ver. 3.­0.­0) LZMA BCJ2 SELF-EXTRACTING lançado 2007.09.13.

Ficheiro que fez download 109 vezes e foi visualizado 8709 vezes.

Categoria Captura de video
Marca ADS Tech
Dispositivo DVD XPRESS DX2 (USBAV-709-EF)
Sistemas operativos Windows Vista
Versão 3.­0.­0
Tamanho de ficheiro 381 Kb
Lançado 2007.09.13
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Unsigned Driver for DVD Xpress DX2 for use in Windows Vista.­ Note that the x64 version cannot be installed without first turning off driver signature enforcement (at each boot).­ Neither Microsoft nor ADS support this and it is recommended only for expert users in Vista x64.­ Note that Capwiz Beta build 15 is required.­ Important instructions inside.­ Make sure to read INSTALLATION.­txt as Technical Support cannot provide walkthroughs for customers.­

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